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As the department of transportation has ruled against the Samsung galaxy note 7, leaks of the HTC Bolt emerge in all of its metallic glory, and ZTE seems to be ready for a larger Axon 7 Max very soon.

Once the department of transportation gets involved, you can totally say that the “S” has hit the fan, whoever you might be.

Apple Watch Series 2 Nike Version release date

Nike Apple Watch Design
Nike Apple Watch Design

The official news today begins with the Apple Watch series 2, the Nike Plus variant which many of you have been waiting for. It has the same price-tag and is pretty much the same watch, only that this version has the benefit of the new colourful Nike band, and some extra modules.

However those of you who were waiting for its launch in October, it’s going to launch on October 28th, and if you’re a new customer you won’t be able to buy it on that day, you’ll actually have to wait till November.

Sony hitting Android and iOS

Sony PlayStation coming to iOS and Android
Sony PlayStation coming to iOS and Android

Moving the spotlight over to Sony, this is a rather interesting piece of news that’s happening right now.

We heard that Nintendo is launching their mobile games and even though Sony tried to do the same with Android, and only with the Xperia smartphones, it’s seems that Sony is going to start its own licensing scheme where the company plans to bring PlayStation games onto both iOS and Android.

Apparently we are getting old titles that can no longer be played on PlayStation consoles, and this platform will also be featuring something new. The only problem is we won’t know what this “new” feature will be until March 2018… That’s pretty far way.

ZTE Axon 7 Max leak

One of the most interesting smartphones of 2016 is the ZT Exon 7, mainly because this smartphone is a flagship phone on the price-tag of a premium mid-ranger. I also got the Exon 7 mini, I loved the speakers on both smartphones but it seems that the company isn’t done just there.

There are leaked images of the ZTE Axon 7 Max. This smartphone does look like it will feature dual cameras, the only problem is that while you a get a 6 inch display which is great, apparently the guts is a Snapdragon 652 processor. This suggests the Axon 7 Max is targeted at the premium to mid-range also.

HTC Bolt Leak

Other very interesting photo leaks is the new HTC Bolt. I’ve been watching this smartphone for a while, to me it looks a lot like the HTC 10 with the same, crazy shape, but it does seem that it will actually be a slimmer phone, we also see a very interesting design for the USB type C Port.

The only problems I can gather are

  1. Apparently the HTC Bolt will not feature boomsound without headphones.
  2. I’m struggling to find the headphone jack within the images (I could be wrong)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Department Of Justice

Department Of Tansport Ban Galaxy Note 7 From Travel
Department Of Tansport Ban Galaxy Note 7 From Travel

Finally the very “hot” news today has to be undeniably shattering for Samsung, their Galaxy Note 7 and the Department Of Transportation in the United States. As the Federal Of Ministrations has just ruled against travel for the Galaxy smartphone.

This has meant that you can’t carry the Note 7 on your carry-on, you can’t carry it with you, you can’t even check the smartphone in with your luggage, you literally cannot fly on a plane with this smartphone as it is completely banned from air travel.

This actually means if you try to take the Galaxy Note 7 onto a plane you could end up with a hefty fine of $25000 or even prison.

So with this news I definitely suggest ditching this smartphone with heavy restrictions this year.

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