Transfer data to your Google Pixel guide.

If you decide to buy or upgrade to the Google Pixel or Pixel XL and have switched over from iOS iPhone, or any other Android phone, you will eventually want to transfer your existing data like contacts, music, photos, texts, videos and other data types to your Pixel Smartphone. These tips and video will help setup your Google Pixel and guide you through the process of transferring your valuable data.

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This quick 12 step tutorial shows you how to setup and transfer data from your old iOS iPhone or Android to Pixel painlessly.

Before you start the setup, make sure that the battery life on both your devices are at 50% or higher.

1. First things first, boot up your new Pixel and on your old device turn off iMessage and FaceTime.

2. Tap “let’s go”.

3. If you haven’t done so already, insert your nano sim card following the onscreen instructions.

4. Ready? Tap “Copy your data”

5. Now tap on your desired Wi-Fi network, or tap “See all Wi-Fi networks” to see an available one.

6. Cool! Now that you’re connected to Wi-Fi, plug the lightning cable into your old device, then connect the cable to your pixel using the “quick switch” adapter. It might still be in your Pixel box.

7. On your old device tap “trust” when it appears on-screen.

8. Now on your Pixel, sign into your Google account using your email or phone number, and if you don’t have a Google account you can create one, by tapping on “more options”.

9. If you have any other accounts you want to sync to Pixel add them later in settings, under accounts after you’re done with setup.

10. Now your pixel will start scanning your old device for content to transfer. When it’s done scanning simply choose what to copy from your Pixel, photos, videos, texts, music, contacts.. You get it.

11. From here tap “Copy” and Pixel will quickly get to work.

12. Tap “Next” to finish setup while your content transfers in the background.

That’s it! You’re Pixel is ready.

I hope you found this guide on how to transfer your data from your old iPhone or Android smartphone to Google Pixel useful.