Should you buy the PS4 Slim?

What is the PS4 Slim?

The PlayStation 4 Slim has finally arrived and as of right now, the only way you can get one is in the form of a 500GB model, bundled with Uncharted 4. With the PS4 Pro already available for Pre-Order, is the Slim really worth getting? In our review we will find out what’s in the box and measure the Slim up against the original PS4.

The first thing you’ll see opening up the Slim 4 box is of course another sturdier, less flashier box with everything inside.

  • The power cable
  • HDMI cable
  • USB to micro USB cable ( for charging your controller)
  • Standard in-ear headset

So what’s new?

PS4 Slim New Contoller

After Getting passed all of the standard items, we get to the first, real new thing about the PS4 Slim, the controller. This is a minor update to the dual shock 4 with a few, little changes.

First off, if you put the new Slim controller side-by-side with the original, you’ll see that it has a little bright grey tone all around, though it basically maintains the same aesthetic to the original PS 4 controller. There’s also now a little, neat window on the touch-pad that lets you see the light bar from the front of the pad.

Now supposedly this new dual shock controller does last longer than the original, which had abysmal battery life, despite having the same kind of battery. I have yet to test this myself, but I will probably do a review on this in the future.

PS4 Slim Conotroller Compare

Putting the controller aside we get to the last, but most important parts to this bundle, the brand new ps4 Slim and a boxed copy of Uncharted 4.

How much slimmer is the slim?

How much slimmer is the PS4 slim?
How much slimmer is the PS4 slim?

Looking at the slim you can see it definitely lives up to its name-sake. Most obvious is how much shorter it is than the original, also if you compare this side-by-side to the PS 4 you’ll find the Slim is actually a little less wide and deep.

It’s funny because when I see photos or videos of this PS4 variant, I couldn’t really care about how it looks, but in person I have to say that the Slim console does somehow look better.

I’m happy Sony went with an all matt finish, getting rid of that easy finger print and scratch magnet, smooth finish on the original. I like the redesigned, more subtle PlayStation logo placed right on the middle, top and bottom of the Console. I must say also I really love the little PlayStation symbols being placed on the Slims legs and on the side of the system, with the O doubling as a point where you can screw in a vertical stand.

PS4 Slim Curved Sides
PS4 Slim Curved Corners

I can’t say that I’m sold on the curved corners of the case, however all of the other changes combined with its smaller size? The Slim is actually a console that’s fairly pleasing to the decerning eye.

The Fron Of The PS4 Slim
The Fron Of The PS4 Slim

Looking at the front of the PS4 Slim you’ll see that the power and eject buttons have been moved to the inner lip, rather than the front side. This makes it much less likely that the power button will unintentionally get pressed. You’ll also see that the 2 front facing USB ports have been spaced out and given the ease of access that a USB port needs.

The Back Of The PS4 Slim
The Back Of The PS4 Slim

On the back of the Slim things are mostly the same as the original, with one big exception. You’ll see the power port, HDMI, Ethernet and Auxiliary port for the PlayStation camera, but unlike the original PS4 the Slim does not have an optical out.

PS4 Slim Performance

PS4 Slim Heat Performance
PS4 Slim Heat and Sound Performance

As far as performance differences go between the PS4 Slim and the original, there really isn’t that much to cover. The Slim runs about as loud and as hot as the original if your playing a game off a disc, and a little quieter when running off a hard drive. The Slim also has less power draw, saving a little energy. The only technical upgrade this system really has, is that the Slim supports 5Ghz Wifi, as opposed to only 2.4Ghz like the original did for some unfathomable reason.

Overall the PS4 Slim really just seems like a stock refresh, there isn’t really any reason to buy this system if you already have an original PS4, unless your just that passionate about your Wifi connection.

PS4 Slim Review
PS4 Slim Review

If you’ve been waiting on a new system and you don’t want to wait or pay extra for the PS4 Pro coming out in November, now is a pretty good time for this trimmed down model. It’s also a good option if you no longer wish for a console that looks like a club sandwich.

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