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Nintendo has just decided to reinvent the game console with its new Nintendo Switch. Tech news reveals Samsung looking into using major competitors to fix its battery problems, and even the Google Pixels will suffer from software updates at a certain point in time.

You’d think that Google, a software company would know how to make its customers happy.

Apple event on October 27th.

Apple Event 27th October
Apple Event 27th October

The official news today begins with much anticipated rumours. Be sure to set your calendars for October 27th as the rumours are true and Apple has already sent press invitations out for an event to happen.

Even though most people are assuming that this event is mainly to present the updated Mac series since the Mac Book pros are well over-due a refresh, we should therefor expect to seen the new Mac book to be featured heavily at the event. However saying this, we are also waiting for a refresh to be applied to the iPad Pro 12″ so be sure to stay tuned.

Source : Apple Event

LeEco Le Pro 3 is now coming to the US.

LeEco Le Pro 3 Arriving At US
LeEco Le Pro 3 Arriving At US

Other official news includes LeEco. The company has made a big splash in San Fransisco with its event and they announced a few products upcoming for release, but the one we care about the most is the Le Pro 3.

Mainly because this is the flagship snapdragon 821 processor device that a lot of people have been waiting for. Obviously this is not the only product to be released, and not everything about this device is perfect but you can learn more about the Le Pro 3 here

Samsung looking to rivals LG for battery supply.

Let’s move the spotlight over to Samsung. For those of you that are wondering exactly how desperate the company is to change the problems it’s had with batteries recently.

Well there are some trusted sources that claim Samsung is now looking into competitors like LG. This would be a big milestone, if there is one company out there that does know how to do batteries correctly, then this is LG.

LG gained a lot of fame for its battery technology with the G2 for example with the tiered design that it featured, and it was assumed that even Apple was taking advantage of this tech with its recent Mac Books. So I guess we’ll just have to see what Samsung and LG can collaborate on.

Source : Samsung And LG

2 years of guaranteed updates for Google Pixel owners.

For those of you that think buying a Google Pixel will make things better when compared to how Google has handled the Nexus devices, this is actually not going to be the case. Google is only guaranteeing 2 years of software updates for the Google Pixel.

2 years is usually the average lifespan that people will actually keep a device for, but if you think about it, this certainly isn’t the case when you have an iPhone. I know people who are still using iPhone 4 and 4s, with Apple still supporting devices much older.

Source : Google Pixel Updates

Nintendo to reinvent gaming with Switch.

Nintendo Switch Leak
Nintendo Switch Leak

Finally the very hot tech news is with a company that has really set the bar, Nintendo. No this isn’t because they announced Super Mario Jump, but because of the new Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo wants to reinvent the concept of the game console, and they’re actually wanting to make a desktop console, into a typical, portable gaming console. This concept allows you to unsnap the controllers from the system and snap them back again whilst also being able to use them separately.

This is probably the most versatile game console that I’ve ever seen. It is extremely cool! However you will have to wait until March 2017.

Is the Nintendo Switch what the company needs to regain its populous of gamers?

I hope so as Nintendo brings back fond childhood memories, and if the old titles were to be available with it, then I think it has a shot.

Source : Nintendo Switch