What Is The Nintendo Switch? -

What is the Nintendo Switch?

If you’re a gamer like me, then you’re probably also wondering what the Nintendo Switch is. Here’s what I was able to find out, also giving my first thoughts and overview about the new console.

After seeing and reading hundreds of rumours involving project NX, it has finally been officially announced by Nintendo. What we got was quite different to what the rumours suggested.

Nintendo Switch is a mobile gaming console.

It seems the rumblings were true and the Nintendo Switch is in fact a console and a hand-held hybrid. What this means is that you can plug the console into your TV to play games as standard, or you can pick it up and take the console on the go as a mobile gaming platform.

This mobile element to the system is really the most fascinating part to me, just because of how Nintendo designed it.

The controllers for the console itself almost have a morphing capability. You can snap parts of the console off and use them as controllers and connect them to a screen to play on the go. Or you can break it down even further for 2 people to play on one screen simultaneously.

This concept almost reminds me of the Wii-Mote, featuring different functionality for different uses.

During the Nintendo Switch teaser we can see several games displayed, including what looks like an all new Mario. It really reminded me of Mario 64, with it’s really fast pace and interesting desert level.

What really blew my mind the most however was the short shot of Skyrim being played on the Nintendo Switch system. Now the reason I was blown away by this reveal is because it’s quite evident now that the Nintendo developers have been secretly working on Switch games for some time, and this can only be a good thing.

There still isn’t a huge amount of information to go on, but from the information I can gather I’m hopeful this console could have a lot of potential.

I can see 2 main reasons as to why the Nintendo Switch will live or die.

Launch titles need to be there in abundance. This has been Nintendo’s downfall with its latest releases. A seriously big library of games to play as soon as the Nintendo Switch is released would attract a lot of consumers.

The other really important part of a mobile gaming system such as this would be its battery life. Nintendo definitely needs to avoid falling into the pitfalls that a system like the PSP fell into. I thought PSP was great, however hardly any games at release and poor battery life made sure the system was fighting an uphill battle from the beginning.

I realise 99% of consumers will probably use the Switch almost exclusively whilst docked, so battery life shouldn’t be an issue. This doesn’t mean however that Nintendo can relax on the battery life development. They need to show that this mobile platform can have just as good battery life as their 3ds platform. Especialy if Nintendo intends for the Switch to replace their hand-held devices.

The only thing that concerns me about the Switch trailer is that a lot of time was spent showcasing older games. Games like Splatoon and MarioKart 8 being ported to the Switch. It makes sense from a video game ecosystem point, but if it’s mainly ports that Nintendo intends to release, then users, especially Wii U owners will get bored pretty quickly.

So will the Nintendo Switch be worth getting?

Overall I’m fascinated about the concept and what the Nintendo Switch could bring to an ever changing gaming community. Being able to play games like Zelda on the go? That’s pretty tough to ignore. Price point will be key and I believe anything over $400 will put a lot of gamers off.

So it’s tough to know exactly how things will pan out for the Nintendo Switch. Let’s hope Nintendo have a few other things up their sleeve as they develop this mobile gaming platform. Personally I would love to see Nintendo and their new console “back in the game”.