Xbox One S Review

What Is Xbox One S?

So you’ve been debating on whether or not to buy the new Xbox One S. Our 2TB system just came in! So we review what’s different about it, what’s the same, and wether or not the new Xbox One S really is worth getting at this point. With Project Scorpio announced and due to come out in 2017, is this a good time to buy this console?

First taking a look at the box.

On the front we see beautiful artwork and graphics of the Xbox One S. The console is shown to be setup in its infamous tower mode. Flip the box around and on the back we see Lara Croft, Master Chief and of course everyone’s favourite hero, blue car?

Opening the box up we see the Xbox S comes in 3 different parts. The first of which, a sleeve containing all the usual paperwork, and for those of you who want to free up some shelf space, the vertical stand. Yes a stand that actually comes with the console! Taking out the second smaller box inside, you will find the remainder of the accessories that include

  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 Power cable
  • 1 Brand new Xbox One S controller

The new Xbox S controller

I have to say this new controller for the Xbox S is pretty neat! Not only does it sport a new color, it also now has a textured grip for robust gaming, and built-in Bluetooth. This is great as it means you no longer have to buy an adapter if you wish to use this controller with your PC wirelessly, and this new controller works at twice the range of the original Xbox one version.

The Xbox One S

At last but definitely not least we have the Xbox One S itself. This console is clean! If you’ve ever had a glossy system before, you know that those things pick up every scratch and fingerprint, whereas this Xbox S with a white Matt finish, is going to stay looking good for way longer.

Xbox One S 40% Smaller
Xbox One S 40% Smaller

As the name implies, this console is a lot smaller than the original Xbox One. 40% smaller is in fact the number that Microsoft keeps throwing out, but what exactly does that mean? If you put the Xbox One S right on top of the original, you can see how the console aesthetic is trimmed down in almost every way.

Taking a look at the back of the Xbox S, you’ll see that the console still has most of the same ports as the original, with one big exception being the Connect port has been completely removed. On the front you may notice quite a few more changes. The Xbox One S has a front facing USB port, a built in IR sensor for your remote, and my personal favourite change, an actual, physical power button switched from the unsatisfying, annoying touch one on the original.

Inside the Xbox One S

Xbox One S New Processor
Xbox One S New Processor

The Xbox S also has some changes on the inside. It comes equipped with a slightly more powerful processor, which allows this console to support 4K streaming and HDR in movies and games.

Should you buy the Xbox One S?

If you’ve been wanting an Xbox One but you’ve been holding off and waiting, now is a great time to buy one. However if you already have an Xbox One original and you’re debating on wether or not you should upgrade, then it’s not really worth it. The Xbox One S definitely has more, nifty, new features, but not nearly enough to justify buying a whole other system. Thanks for stopping by folks! Make sure you take a look at our PS4 Slim Review to compare consoles.

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Xbox One S
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